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Food safety - BRC


In February 2012, Arcoplastica obtained the BRC/IoP Certificate from DNV Business Assurance. The BRC/IoP standards were born to meet an explicit demand by the international mass retail industry for food contact materials safety guarantees.
These private standards developed by the BRC (British Retail Consortium) in collaboration with the Packaging Institute can be classified as a product scheme but reflect an integrated process and system vision.
These standards are highly detailed and specific, and in many respects even exceed the basic requirements set out in the applicable regulations. In many cases, they make explicit references to food safety measurement methods and management modalities, and adopt a very stringent approach to plant standards.

Protection of the end user, raw material and process optimisation, continual improvement – these are the prior goals of Arcoplastica.

Conformity to the BRC standards

Obtained in 2012, it improves the safety of materials and components that come into direct contact with food, making for enhanced end user protection.

Food grade conformity

At regular intervals, our articles undergo global and specific migration tests, to verify their suitability for alimentary use.


With this process, Arcoplastica ensures that all the lots of raw materials used to make its articles can be identified and that all its articles can be traced in the end products.