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OHSAS 18001

Safety on the job


Arcoplastica protects the health and safety of its workers by providing modern and suitable infrastructures and equipment, whilst constantly monitoring the working conditions. In addition, it invites its collaborators to raise their awareness and cooperation in respect of continuous improvement.
The OHSAS 18001 management system is the most important instrument for the implementation of Arcoplastica's health and safety policy.

Conformity with relevant legal requirements

The OHSAS 18001 safety management system constantly monitors the compliance with legal requirements on health and safety in the workplace, ensuring their implementation and pursuing the objective of minimising risks to workers.

Prevention against accidents

Prevention against accidents is a continuous cultural process that involves risk assessment activities and the analysis of all hazards, including the so-called "near misses" that could potentially cause an accident.
In order for this process to succeed, Arcoplastica encourages the participation of all its employees.

Continuous improvement

Besides the constant technical measures put in place to minimise risks and regular compliance monitoring, to ensure continuous improvement Arcoplastica intends to reinforce information and communication with the workers through a new “INFO-POINT” network that distributes the necessary prevention measures directly to the production departments, making them accessible with a simple click.