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Food catalogue


Arcoplastica produces containers for the conservation of the widest variety of foods, from cold cuts to cheese to convenience foods.

Thermoforming of innovative materials

The company is able to process materials designed to meet the most advanced packaging specifications.
Compliance with stringent requirements is essential in the food sector.
The aim is to supply a container that will preserve the freshness and the organoleptic properties of packaged food for longer time periods while minimising the use of preservatives.

A wealth of benefits

By choosing Arcoplastica containers, food companies can improve the preservation of MAP processed products (packed in a modified atmosphere) and at the same time reduce the quantities of additives and preservatives used in the food; prolong the shelf life of a food; make the product visible in packages with clear walls that will also serve as a UV barrier; offer foods that may be heated/frozen directly in the pack; enable packaged foods to be cooked in microwave ovens or in traditional ovens up to a temperature of 200° C.