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UV OFFSET printing is a well-tested technique that uses clichés and rubber pads to transfer UV ink onto the bowls, where it is cured by means of ultraviolet light.

This technique offers many advantages:
The ink dries immediately and the process is odourless. Scuff and wear proof. Excellent quality/price ratio.

Depending on bowl size, we offer three product lines:

K Machine
Prints on round bowls in 7 colours

DM1 Machine
Prints on rectangular and square bowls in 6 colours plus 2 more colours on the bottom

DM2 Machine
Prints on rectangular and square bowls, up to 3 colours per run


Sleeves are used more and more widely in the food packaging sector in that the great visual impact they have on the shelves makes the products more interesting and captivating.

Thanks to its technical characteristics, a tubular label offers the following advantages:
• It adheres perfectly to any shape and provides a 360-degree surface that may contain information, lists of ingredients, disclaimers, high resolution photographic quality images.
• Innovative colour and graphic effects may be obtained through the use of different types of ink
• Disposal and recycling are facilitated since the packaging is made of the same material throughout (e.g., bowl and sleeve both made of PET).

A dedicated line of G4 machines.


The stickers applied to the cover or the bottom of a bowl are taking on an ever greater role in getting across the information to the final consumer.

The stickers can be applied through an automatic process directly onto the thermoforming lines, whereas for small industrial runs, a semi-automatic process may be used.