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Thermoforming may use pressure or vacuum. Our latest generation thermoforming machines are able to transform thermoplastic materials in coils or sheets in a quick, accurate and precise manner. Arcoplastica has 15 automatic robot lines and 7 manually fed lines for large-sized and particularly thick elements (measuring up to 2,500 mm x1,800 mm and up to 10 mm thick).
Maximum size is 2500 mm x 1500 mm on the manual lines and 1000 mm x 800 mm on the automatic lines.

Technical components and food grade materials

The thermoforming process uses thermoplastic materials from two major groups.

  • Technical materials: Polystyrene, Flocked Polystyrene, ABS and ABS+PMMA; Polypropylene and polyethylene; PVC, PET, PMMA and PC

  • Food grade materials: multilayer PET and PET-multilayer, PP and PP-multilayer, PS and PS-multilayer, PVC, PLA, Mater-Bi and ECM

Other processes

Arcoplastica offers a full range of services:

  • Personalisation: up to 6-colour printing on trays, 4-colour printing on sleevers, labels for aroma preserving lids

  • Sealing and packaging: high frequency, ultrasound and hot processes

  • Assembly: permanent gluing and polymerisation solutions

  • Cutting: the company has 4 five-axis robot cutting lines, for accurate processing of technical and industrial parts

  • Die-cutting