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About us


Cutting-edge design and production, ongoing investments in R&D, thirty years’ experience. Arcoplastica, with its partner Jollyplast, is a top-notch reality in the field of thermoformed and extruded plastic materials.

A product line-up without compare. Thermoformed packs and packaging materials (including thick and large-sized parts, such as blister packs, containers, counter top and window display units, handling trays), components for the automotive industry and promotional materials are our core business.

Outstanding production. Like very few others in Europe, Arcoplastica manages the entire production cycle, from the study and processing of the raw materials to the design and construction of the moulds, all the way to the realisation of the finished product (container, tray or packaging element).

Personalised service. Arcoplastica also means study and design of new packaging solutions, designed to meet any need in the food and technical sectors.


1969. Arcoplastica is established in Chieri (TO). It makes clamshells for pens, display units, components for the automotive sector.

1988. The company expands and moves to Andezeno (TO). Its product range is expanded to include articles for the food sector. The number of people employed increases and so does the company’s annual output, as work goes on 24 hours a day, on three shifts. The company decides to assemble in-house the machines needed to make trays: a choice of strategic importance, which would help the company acquire a leading role.

2003. By setting up its first multilayer extrusion line, Arcoplastica confirms its role as a major player in the plastic sector.

2004. Jollyplast, a leader in the production of large-sized thermoformed parts, joins the Arcoplastica Group on a 100% basis and brings about a significant increase in its product line-up.

2006. The expansion of Arcoplastica production facilities goes on with the construction of a new automated compactable warehouse for finished products.

Today. The headquarters in Andezeno have been completed with the addition of new storage facilities and R&D laboratories, and another multilayer extrusion line has been set up to increase the company’s production capacity even further. Thus, Arcoplastica may be seen as a leading-edge manufacturer, with all it takes to meet any requirement in the plastics sector most effectively and according to the highest professional standards.