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The green initiatives by Arcoplastica are summarised in the 10 paragraphs below:

  1. Since September 2001, Arcoplastica has put in place a Quality Management System certified for compliance to standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and since February 2012 its packaging products have been certified for conformity to the BRC / IOP standards

  2. Since June 2005 the company has adopted an Environmental Management System certified for conformity to standard UNI EN ISO 14001

  3. Since April 2007, in order to reduce the impact on the environment caused by the disposal of plastic packaging materials, the company has extruded and thermoformed PLA (polylactic acid), a plastic material of vegetal origin which is fully biocompatible, while new biodegradable materials are continuously tested out

  4. Arcoplastica works incessantly to minimise the quantities of waste materials produced, by monitoring this parameter on a continuous basis

  5. Arcoplastica does not view its chips as waste materials, but rather as a major resource and, in its production cycle, salvages a high proportion thereof, while all the time meeting the alimentary hygiene and safety requirements imposed by the applicable regulations

  6. The company believes in recycling and is able to manufacture food packaging solutions (e.g., trays) from reused PET materials (e.g., empty water bottles, preforms with appearance flaws)

  7. The company believes in research and the development of more environment-friendly materials, and gives preference to the design and production of food packages made from a single material (e.g., PET with additives) as opposed to multilayer solutions

  8. The company is constantly striving to reduce the quantity of energy used as input for its production activities (e.g., electric energy and natural gas) by adopting systems and machines characterised by the highest energy efficiency and yield levels

  9. Arcoplastica is in favour of a reduced use of natural resources, such as, for instance, wood to make pallets for internal handling purposes

  10. The company implements an ongoing training and awareness raising program for its employees and suppliers.