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Research & Development

Ongoing investments

Research work and laboratory tests are conducted on a daily basis with the aim to identify new plastic materials suitable for thermoforming and to make innovative product prototypes.

Capacity to make any product type

The forms and materials available off the shelf are many, but Arcoplastica can also develop new ones to meet specific requirements. The company is organised to respond to any customer need promptly and in a versatile manner.

"Tailor made" solutions

Arcoplastica offers personalised solutions that take into due account intended use and budget considerations, as well as the specific treatments that packaging must undergo (e.g., sterilisation, freezing, utilisation in traditional or microwave ovens).

Packaging design

Pilot studies are conducted to define the characteristics of a new product in terms of shape, packaging materials, treatments it will be subjected to (e.g., modified atmosphere packaging, sterilisation processes).

Protection of the environment and people’s health and safety

Thanks to ongoing investments in R&D and continually enhanced levels of safety on the job and worker health protection, the Group operates in compliance with the latest Italian and European quality management system standards.