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Safety on the job

Safety on the job: “FIRST OF ALL“

Safety in the workplace has always been the top priority objective pursued by Arcoplastica with a view to ensuring that all the workers, whether company or contractor employees, may carry out their activities in a safe and healthy working environment. Every day, we are all committed to the continuous improvement of the measures adopted to prevent occupational risks and protect workers’ health and safety, the aim being to attain the “zero injuries on the job and zero occupational diseases” goals.
To this end, the company organisation provides:

  • Ongoing information and training on safety issues, to all employees and all those who come and work at our site;

  • Growing awareness that health and safety on the workplace is everyone's responsibility;

  • Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for all jobs subject to residual risks;

  • Periodical analysis of environmental health in the workplace;

  • Periodical medical checks, as necessary;

  • Continuous updating of security measures;

  • Adjustment of equipment and tools based on best available technologies and newly released standards and regulations.